What are your goals?

This is a photo of the Goal Board that hangs in one of our English as a Second Language classrooms.

Some of the goals read:

  • “Talk in English every day with my friends in the park.”
  • “Read books two days a week in my house.”
  • “Read the Bible in English.”
  • “Try to speak with people in the market.”

As our students put in the work to achieve these goals, we would like to invite you to set your own goals as you participate in our 5k run/walk next month!

Your goal could be to run your fastest 5k, to walk the full 5k, to chat with a World Relief staff runner about their experiences, to learn about what it’s like to be a refugee in Chicago, to meet a refugee runner, or to teach your child what it means to be a refugee.

Whatever your goal may be, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday, September 24th as we walk and run for local refugees.

Through Sunday, August 28th, use promo code GOALS to save 10% on registration.

Learn more and register at worldreliefchicago.org/5k


An easy way you can help local refugees just like Olympian swimmer Yusra Mardini

Image Source: United Nations / CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m sure many of you have heard the story of Yusra Mardini, the Syrian refugee turned Olympic athlete who helped save the lives of 20 migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea last summer. Yusra swam in open water for three hours pushing and pulling their group’s overcrowded boat to shore after its engine malfunctioned.

This summer Yusra’s inspiring story has been shared around the world as she competes as a swimmer for the Refugee Olympic Team in Rio.

While World Relief has yet to resettle any refugee Olympians this summer, our arriving refugees experience their own challenges and triumphs of Olympic proportions.

I think of the refugee single mother who is spread so thin providing care for her children in between her long, overnight shifts at the factory. Then there’s the ten year old Arabic speaking boy who bravely walks down the hall of a Chicago Public School building on his very first day of school. Or, perhaps you can imagine the determination an elderly couple from Burma summon in order to walk a mile to their English class on a cold, snowy February morning.

One way you can support the difficult resettlement journey our refugees face is by joining us for our 5k run/walk at the Bunker Hill Forest Preserve on Saturday, September 24th. All proceeds will benefit World Relief Chicago and the refugees we serve. 

Through Saturday, August 20th, use promo code OLYMPICS to save 10% on your registration fee. Learn more at worldreliefchicago.org/5k 

World Relief Summer Potluck!

World Relief Chicago is happy to announce a Summer Potluck!

Flyer Top Snip_Round 2

Come eat, share and connect!

Why Potluck?
It isn’t often that gatherings of volunteers and clients are happening. Most of the time, a Good Neighbor Team is spending time with their refugee family, while another volunteer is sharing a meal with her refugee friend. Rarely do these groups meet. Many of our refugee clients also experience isolation. While we have wonderful programs at WR like our ESL classes–which do create community and connection–there are clients who are not able to participate due to their work schedules, family needs, and many other challenging demands of what it means to be a newcomer in a new country.

We’ve put together this event to be the opposite of exactly that–to create connection and community that we hope can happen more.

If you are a current volunteer, not only would we love for you to bring your friends and family, but we would love to see you bring your refugee family and friends as well. This is a great opportunity to do something fun with your refugee partners. It is also a great time to meet and connect with other volunteers, and for our refugee and immigrant families and individuals to connect with each other.

If you are a seasoned or former volunteer, we invite you to do the same!

If you are a client of World Relief, please do come and join us! Meet other WR refugees and immigrants, WR volunteers, and other new faces.

If you are simply interested in World Relief, please do come out! Connect with our community and get a feel for who we are. This is a great opportunity for those interested in volunteering with us or who are simply interested in WR in general.

When & where?
This event will be Sat., Aug. 13th, from 12 – 2pm at the World Relief office (3507 W. Lawrence Ave.). Questions? Visit our website to learn more.

How can you help?
Bring a meal to share! This is a great way to introduce and share an American meal with new refugees and immigrants.

You can also donate a backpack to a refugee child. Bring a filled backpack and it will be given to a child in need in the fall as part of our Annual Backpack Drive. (Backpacks will not be donated at the potluck.)

Register today!
Click here to register.

Some Halal meat and other food will be provided. Children of all ages welcome.