What can we learn from Black Panther?

Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios Have you seen it? I’m sure you’ve at least heard about it, right? And now you’re wondering, “What on earth is she referring to?” The movie Black Panther, of course! The Black Panther superhero was first introduced in a Marvel comic in 1966 and received its own comic in 1977. The … Continue reading What can we learn from Black Panther?


Refugee Resettlement Basics: Part 2

World Relief's Director of Refugee Resettlement, Christy Hillebrand, is back to answer more questions about resettlement in the United States! Question: How much money does the government give to each refugee to help them settle here? Answer: World Relief Chicago refugee receives $1125 per person to spend on the refugee’s behalf as a part of … Continue reading Refugee Resettlement Basics: Part 2

8 Questions about Immigration in 8 Minutes

Has immigration been a hot topic in your circles lately? We sat down with Mia Rubin, our Interim Immigration Legal Services Director, to break down the basics. Mia is passionate about serving refugees and immigrants in Chicago, and she has been involved in the work of World Relief Chicago since 2015.    Question: What is the history behind the Diversity Visa Lottery and … Continue reading 8 Questions about Immigration in 8 Minutes

Welcoming the Stranger: Loop Church Advocacy

World Relief’s heart beats for the vulnerable: for the marginalized and the silenced. There is a crisis of representation in the United States and the world over, and we see the need for advocates to rise up and speak on these marginalized people’s behalf. That is what we strive to do through our advocacy services … Continue reading Welcoming the Stranger: Loop Church Advocacy